Dress Code

For ALL Members, Guests and Children

* Proper Golf Attire is expected for ALL Men and Women
   - This includes collared shirts for men and mock turtlenecks that have been approved by the PGA Tour.
* Men's Shirts must be TUCKED IN at ALL TIMES.
* Ladies shirts may be collarless and sleeveless, but no tank tops.
* Shorts for men and women must be within 5 inches from the top of the knee.
* Blue Jeans are NOT ACCEPTABLE.
* Hats may be worn in the appropriate fashion as they were designed.  Baseball style hats must have the bill facing straight forward.
* The Club does not permit the use of traditional metal spikes on premises.
* School Members and Guests will follow the above guidelines.

Tee Times

* Required each day, except Mondays, April 1 through October 31.
* All Full Golf Members - six (6) days prior to play.
   -  Except when the members foursome consists of out of town guests (in accordance with all other rules of the 
     (Club), where starting times may be made thirty (30) days in advance upon approval of the Golf Professional.
* Social Members - One (1) golf day prior to play.
   - May use practice facility, driving range, and practice hole one (1) hour before the scheduled time of play.
* Tee times will be accepted daily Tuesday through Sunday starting at 7:00 am.
* Call the starter at 889-1661 or use the on-line tee time system on the website www.brooksidegcc.com

Off Tee Times

* All play must start from #1 tee except with permission from a member of the golfing staff.  Even with special permission, no 
   one will start play from #10 tee if there are players between #9 and #10 tee.
    - In addition, those players who are permitted to start play from #10 tee must always give way to players immediately behind who have come through the front nine and are being held up.
* Golfers are not permitted to play in groups of more than four (4) between May 1 and September 30.
* There are no restrictions on pull carts prior to Memorial Day weekend or after Labor Day weekend.  Between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend pull carts will not be available prior to 3:00 p.m. on Fridays and prior to 1:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
     - Cost will be $12 per rental and members must use pull carts provided by Brookside Golf & Country Club.
* An acceptable pace of play by a foursome for an 18-hole round of golf is 4 hours and 5 minutes or less.  Therefore, every foursome should either play at a pace that will complete the round in 4 hours and 5 minutes or comply with Brookside's pace of play which is "you must keep up with the group in front of you."  Foursomes that are unable to sustain a pace that will meet either of these requirements must permit a faster group to play through.
* When tee times are not met, the starter will move out "on deck" players.  This practice will be emphasized during periods of crowded conditions.
* At all times, in accordance with the Rules of Golf, foursomes shall have preference.


* The Golf Course Superintendent, in consultation with the General Manager, Golf Professional and the Club President as available, shall have the right to close all or any part of the course, including the driving range, whenever in his or their judgement, the use there of may result in damages to the course or member's inquiry or interference with workmen.

* Golfing members and their families may use the driving range and the putting green.  Guests of members may use the practice facility one (1) hour prior to scheduled tee time upon payment of green fees.
* School member golfers must give-way to adult golfers on both facilities
* School member golf play and practice will be limited on Wednesdays to players with a handicap of 18 or less.Play is permitted before 10:00 am and after 3:00 pm.