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Pool & Kidzone


Rules and Policies Children:

Be respectful of staff and other children. No yelling or swearing. No physical aggression. Please leave personal toys at home (KidZone Staff is not responsible for lost or broken toys). No exploding toys, toy weapons, or toys that simulate weapons.

Guest Policy

Guests of current members are welcome to use KidZone. Guest fees will be paid by the Brookside member who brought the guest.


Rules & Guest Policy

  • Children under the age of 14 and under must have proper supervision(parent/grandparent/babysitter) within the pool area during the entire stay at the pool.
  • A ten (10) minute rest period shall be observed every hour.
  • All swimmers underage of 18 shall clear the pool during the rest period. 
  • Children who have not passed the American Red Cross Beginners swimming test or its equivalent, must be accompanied at the pool by a parent or responsible person.  Encouraging all ages 12 and under to take part in our swim safety bracelet program to provide early identification of swim abilities: red (PDF required and adult within arms reach), yellow (PDF needed for deep water, okay in shallow water), and green (good to swim anywhere in the pool). In any event, pre-school children shall always be under the direct supervision of a parent or responsible person. 
  • Children in the baby pool must be ALWAYS accompanied by an adult. 
  • All swimmers must be toilet trained or wear appropriate pool diapers.
  • Children are not permitted inside the Athletic Club, behind the counter at the Pool Snack Bar or inside the pump house.
  • Children under the age of 12 supervision required in bathrooms
  • Persons in swimming attire are not permitted outside the pool area or in Athletic Club locker rooms.
  • Anyone who is not a current Member must pay guest fees.
  • Members must accompany their guests and each guest must be registered at the gate.  The sponsoring Member shall be assessed a fee of $10.00.  An individual may attend the pool as a guest a maximum of five (5) times per season, regardless of the sponsor.
  • All persons in the pool, pool area, and attached facilities shall always act with due regard for the safety of themselves and others. All persons will act courteously toward others, and with respect for the property of others, and use reasonable care to protect the Club grounds and property from littering, damage, defacement, and other abuse.
  • In addition to these rules, specific safety and other rules governing the use of the pool and its attached facilities will be posted at the pool.
  • No food or beverages shall be brought into the pool area except for infant baby food.
  • The Pool Staff is responsible for the safety of all at the pool, for ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy the pool, and for enforcing all rules governing the use of the pool and its attached facilities. In the case of a flagrant violation or persistent violations by a child, the Pool Manager or Assistant Manager is authorized to ban the child from the pool or pool area.
  • Any parties with 8 or more in the party must schedule with Chris Ramsey(if needing F&B catering services), Shannon Neilson (kid’s parties), or Brittany McKnight (pool parties that host is bringing cake and balloons only not needing catering services).